What is Magento

What is Magento?

If you plan on selling items through an online business, then you will be taking part in eCommerce. Creating a business online can be quite successful and if you make the right decisions, you could watch your business grow very quickly. One of the best decisions that you could make would be to choose the right eCommerce platform. There are plenty of options from which to choose, but you will most certainly want to make the best decision so that your business can grow quickly and easily.

Magento commerce is an eCommerce platform that provides options for you based on the size of your business and the growth you expect to see in it. Learning more about Magento Commerce is your first step to determining if it is the right option for your business.

Magento Commerce is a platform designed specifically to cater to those business owners who wish to sell their products or services online. This product is designed to offer flexibility in a number of ways. Some of the standard specifications of a Magento Commerce product would include the following:

  • Open source platform – you will not be tied down to one company or operating system to make use of this software.
  • User control over such things as website online catalog and online storefronts.
  • Designed for eCommerce businesses from medium to large in size.
  • Options and tools for marketing promotions.
  • Easy search engine optimization.
  • Multiple image product pages with zoom.
  • International options for language and currency accepted.
  • Flexible shipping controls.
  • Easy to use order management tools.
  • A dashboard that includes analytics for site details.
  • Supports multiple storefronts.
  • Layered navigation for better customer experience.
  • Optimized for mobile commerce browsers including iPhone.
  • Integrated checkout system.
  • Support for a variety of payment options.
  • Support for customer accounts for easy reorders and order history.

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