What is eCommerce

Before you can begin learning more about Magento Commerce in particular, you will need to have a good grasp of what eCommerce actually is. Considering the fact that the Internet is relatively young, you would have to consider this method of business even younger. eCommerce is a method of running a business completely online. Whenever you sell products or services, you are taking part in eCommerce. When your customers buy your products or services, then they are taking part in eCommerce as well. The term is associated with online business and it is often also referred to as e-business or eBusiness.

More and more companies are making the decision to move to eCommerce for a variety of reasons. If a company is 100% online, then the owner will not face the high costs associated with owning and running a brick and mortar location. Additionally, many standard businesses are choosing to offer their products and services online to supplement the business of their brick and mortar location. No matter the reason, eCommerce can be quite successful.

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