Do it like Amazon: Double Your Website's Conversion Rates

When Amazon recommends a product, it is clearly not a coincidence. What their "collaborative filtering" recommendation system does is to target a visitor with what he or she has bought in the past, which items they have put into their shopping cart, and what other similar customers have recommended, viewed or purchased.

amazon-logo-icon-1106011449Amazon's on-site retargeting system is heavily customizing the browsing experience for visitors. A lot of Amazon's business success and growth has to do with how they use on-site retargeting into nearly every part of the buying process from product discovery to checkout.

The Power Of On-site Targeting

On-site retargeting technologies are designed to convert "I'm just looking" visitors into "I'll take it" customers by modifying and personalizing your website's content to each visitors’ interest or intention. For most online stores, 98% of first time visitors bounce which means only 2% of them actually convert. That's where the power on-site retargeting shows. It keeps track of what people are interested in or looking for and displaying related personalized content, special offers, discounts and coupon codes to them as they browse, leave or revisit your online store.

Double Conversion Rates

How Does On-site Retargeting Work?

SiteOlytics RTM on-site targeting platform is a client-server technology is designed to anonymously ‘remember’ why a visitor came to your site (intention) and what he or she was looking for (interest).  A small, unobtrusive piece of Javascript code, sometimes referred to as a pixel, tracks your website visitor's browsing actions without affecting your site’s performance is and unnoticeable to your visitors. Every time a visitor indicates an interest or intention, the code either places an anonymous browser cookie or stores it in the cloud. As your visitors continue to browse or return to your site, this knowledge allows for a seamless embedding of personalized, retargeted content and offers into the web experience. On-site retargeting focuses on people who have demonstrated interest and gives them exactly what they need to convert from "I'm just looking" into "I'll take it."

On-site Retargeting For Your eCommerce site

Now you can unleash the power of on-site retargeting on your own eCommerce site or online store with SiteOlytics RTM On-site Retargeting.

SiteOlytics RTM's On-site Retargeting is a conversion optimization platform and it works best in conjunction with inbound and outbound marketing or demand generation campaigns. Your best chance of success for your digital marketing strategy is using one or more tools to drive traffic and on-site retargeting to get the most out of that traffic.

SiteOlytics RTM's On-site Retargeting is most effective when you understand where a visitor is in the "customer's journey" e.g. in making the decision to buy and then serving the information or offer that leads to a purchasing decision.

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