SEO tracking features delivered in one world-class platform.

The tool functions similarly to Google Analytics. With this tool, you can add website profiles to your account and then access a comprehensive report for each website profile. You can track an unlimited number of websites. Also, there is no installation required since all the metrics that we track are accessible over the Internet.

Website Profiles Dashboard

Intuitive Usability

The usability of the SEO keywords tracker is similar to the widely used analytics tool provided by Google.

Website Profiles Dashboard

All website profiles are presented in one easy-to-read dashboard that shows the most important performance indicators per website.


Graphic indicators next to the key metrics show you the trending for each metric.

Automatic Tracking

You can track as many websites and keywords as you would like manually. Our system also allows you to select a number of websites and keywords for our automated daily tracking.

Comprehensive Dashboard per Website Profile

Google Rank and Alexa Rank

Both of these key performance indicators are tracked and displayed in one combined report over time

Social Metrics

How many people like or share a particular page on Facebook or give it a plus on Google? We show you all social metrics in one report.


No more digging through reports. See all the information you need on one Dashboard

Spark Lines

Thumbnail size graphics save you clicks and summarize the data in your report.

Detailed Keyword Reporting


While our system is not a real web uptime monitoring solution, we do record the time your websites need to load and graphically present your website performance over time.

Alexa Performance Metrics

Besides our own speed measurements we also present you Alexa’s average load time and percentile. The percentile metric defines how the site performs compared to all the sites that Alexa tracks.

Technical Details

The number of redirects and the http header information of a site is more important than you think for SEO. Our system tracks and records both of them for you.

Content Reports

Altext for images are a often missed opportunity for SEO. Our report not only tracks your percentage of images with alttext but also shows you which ones are missing

Owner Information

We retrieve the owner information of every website we track. While this allows you to make sure that your own information is up to date, it also allows you to find out more about your competitors.

Content Relevance Metrics

How relevant are your page title, your website description, and your header keyword to the content of your page? Our system scores the relevance and tracks it over time

Competition & Directories


A list of competitors shows you who you should keep an eye on and lets you track them in your dashboard as well

Categories in Google Directory

Being listed in the right categories of the Google directory is one of the basics for SEO that you control to a certain extend. We show you in which directories your site (and your competitor’s site) is listed.

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