Enable the canonical meta tags in Magento

Canonical meta tags are important to prevent duplicate content issues. Especially in ecommerce environments it happens that there are multiple versions of a product page due to various configurations of a product. Then it is important to define the page that you want Google to index. This is done with the canonical meta tag.

Here is an example:

The canonical meta tag on the following page:

<link href=”http://siteolytics.com/social-seo/” rel=”canonical” />

The exact same page is also available via this link:

However by embedding the canonical meta tag you let the search engines know which page you want them to index.

Magento has canonical meta tags build in out of the box. In order to enable them go to:

System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimization

magento enable canonical meta tag

enable canonical meta tag

Then set “Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories” and “Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products” to “Yes” and push the “Save Config”-button.

In order to validate that it works load a product or a category page and do a view source. Then search for the word canonical and you should be able to find the link.

Roland Oberdorfer is a Managing Director and Co-Founder at SiteOlytics Inc. Prior to his current role Roland was the CTO of HP’s consumer direct organization and the General Manager for Web and eCommerce at NIVIDIA. You can find him on Google+ and on Facebook.



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