Boost your Traffic with Video Marketing

Entertaining videos are not only fun to watch but also drive direct and indirect traffic to your website.

Our video practice at SiteOlytics can help you with every aspect of your video marketing. 

Create Video

We attend events with you to capture video and pictures on camera. We then edit the video in our studio and work with you to create the perfect video for you and your audience.

SiteOlytics with RS Components at Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne, Australia

Publish and Optimize Video

Once the final video is ready to be published we prepare the necessary Meta data for you to make your video show up for the keywords that are most important for your business. YouTube after all is the second largest search engine in the world right after Google itself.

i.e. SiteOlytics optimized CyberLink’s videos on YouTube. Prior to our optimizations the videos only showed for branded terms related to CyberLink. Now their videos show for generic search terms as well. The search term ‘Overlay Graphics on Videos’ shows CyberLink’s video on the first page of YouTube.

video keyword rankings

Rankings on YouTube

We not only create and optimize the videos for you but also write the ideal unique descriptions. These are very important especially on YouTube since YouTube provides you with plenty of space for content.

Analyze Video Metrics

And last but not least we measure the performance of your videos not only on YouTube but also on the most popular social networks.

Contact us if you are ready to get more traffic to your website through creative video marketing.

Roland Oberdorfer is a Managing Director and Co-Founder at SiteOlytics Inc. Prior to his current role Roland was the CTO of HP’s consumer direct organization and the General Manager for Web and eCommerce at NIVIDIA. You can find him on Google+ and on Facebook.



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