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Behavioral Targeting

Discover and communicate with your own segments and audiences using our advanced targeting capabilities.  Target and re-target with personalized experiences based on behavior, frequency, geography and demographic.

Audience Targeting is made possible by SiteOlytics's RTM, a real-time contextual web marketing plug-in that features predictive intention technology and is integrated with Tealium’s tag management system TealiumIQ and the audience segmentation solution AudienceStream.

behavioral targeting

Target audiences with personalized web content in real time

Prior to the first page being displayed, Siteolytics Real-Time Platform’s self-optimizing collaborative filtering algorithm uses real-time data from AudienceStream, Tealium’s audience discovery and segmentation solution, to implement a clustering model. This data is combined with origin analytics to predict the most likely desired initial web experience for first time visitors. Then the predicted content of interest is embedded on-the-fly using customizable templates and stylesheets that allow a responsive, mobilefriendly display.  More activities, such as clicks, add more data and knowledge about visitors and thus more accurate real-time content recommendations throughout their customer’s journey.

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You can access real-time results through dashboards and reporting enables you take action on your data quickly and reliably.

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